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I have been a blubbering baby these past few weeks. Give me a sideways glance and I’m in tears. My body feels as if it’s suffered a great loss (yeah…not weight…), you know, as if something major took place in my life that threw my equilibrium out of it’s vortex. Yet no such event happened.

It’s time to go to the doctor and see what is up with my hormones or to face the truth. I’m older. ;)


No too shabby...I feel good. Since lifting weights for the past three weeks I will say I feel stronger. Just have to solve the mystery of why my body is so tired and 'heavy' ....


Despite the psychological ‘heaviness’ I have still managed to get up every morning at 5:30am and get a work out in. I have been good and on track. One more week left of ‘Going Public’ but as I mentioned I’m not stopping next Sunday. Now I feel I’m not only on a personal challenge but in the midst of a mystery. What will it take to get me in shape mentally, physically and emotionally? Stay tuned… :D

Next Sunday I'll disclose my body % loss...hopefully there is some...at least from the entire 12 week challenge. ;)  There is a difference of 7 weeks in these pictures...you probably can't see a change but I can. ;)

What I know more than anything is I can’t look at the 27 year old on my TV screen who is telling me, “Don’t quit, the only person you’re quitting is yourself” and covet her genetically blessed, pre-baby, pre-pari-menopause body. Can’t do it. I’m also understanding why Richard Simmons might have been so popular in the 90′s…he had every day people in his work out.

Must watch…it will leave you in a GREAT MOOD today.

Oh my goodness! How can you not want to just have a great day after watching Richard Simmons? :D But please tell me…why are there people sitting…SITTING in chairs just WATCHING the others ‘move’ and ‘dance’? Travesty. My 27-year-old genetically blessed workout slave-trainer would never allow such laziness. LOL

STICK WITH YOUR CHALLENGE!!! Don’t give up… we shouldn’t quit because it’s true, the only person we are quitting is ourselves.