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Ha! I’m sure Neal’s interested in this post. Too bad I don’t mean literally. :D Shah, right…

In the four days I’ve been home I have been inundated with tasks. The mother-ly kind. The minister-ly kind. The business-ly kind. And the friend-ly kind. ;)

Though I hate to refer to being a mother as a ‘task’,  it is not a task to love my boys. It is a task to be their taxi driver. :(

You see what I mean? I enjoy being a mother. I embrace my call as a minister and am blessed by it. My friends bring me life and laughter. The ‘busYness’ aspect of what I need to do in my days …. not so much.

For some reason over these past few weeks I’ve gotten a bug to achieve a few more things – like learning Spanish. Ha! Don’t laugh…I’m going to try. I want to sit down at least two days a week for at least an hour and treat it as a class. Knowing Spanish will help me in so many ways.

Before I got this idea I also signed up for a class in dealing with Non-profits. I figured I needed to know more about what the heck I’m doing on that ‘business…busyness’ end of things. It’s online and only a 25 day course…one I can do at my leisure. Right now I have 14 days of ‘classes’ in my email glaring at me to begin.

faith doesn't make things easyTo top it off I received an email from my agent letting me know that I could have an ‘in’ with one of the TOP (yes TOP I mean…T O P) publishing houses if I write a particular book. It wouldn’t be a ‘done deal’. They believe I would be a good ‘fit’ to write this particular book and so they said send them a pitch. A pitch consists of a concept, chapter outline, sample chapters, etc. IF…IF…IF they like the pitch then I’d be ‘in’.

You’d think I’d be pushing everything else aside to clamber at this opportunity to possibly get an ‘in’ with this publisher. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to blow it off but this is new to me. First I’ve only written about my own experiences. Second the books I’ve written that have yet to be published have come from a ‘spark’ within. I receive the idea and I pray about it. I won’t write it unless I feel God is directing the show.

So now I have to go backwards. Look at this concept they are giving me and see if God will ‘enlighten’ me on what should be written. We’ll see…I’m praying about it. ;)

In order to embrace these developments…I feel a great need to ‘clean house’. Get myself in gear. Get organized and back on track.

Have you ever gotten lazy or so overwhelmed you pile things on top of one another secretly wishing they’ll disappear in the stack or somehow someone else will come in and do it for you? ;)

Newsflash (at least it’s my newsflash) it’s apparently not going to happen. I don’t care how many crazy things I’ve seen in this world I know I’m going to have to be the one to do my own work. ;)

One step at a timeHow? One step at a time. One item at a time. One task at a time.

:) Brings me to something funny I heard someone say when they hear another person comment that they are ‘getting by one day at a time’. How else can we get by? We can’t rush ahead one week or one month at a time. The only way we can physically, mentally and emotionally be is by living literally one day at a time.

So isn’t it apropos that the only way to get ourselves out of a funk or back on track is to simply begin by doing one thing at a time?

And in the words of a beloved radio host, Laura Schlessigner, – Now go take on the day!