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I need to clarify something that has troubled me and was confirmed by a family member (and donor) to have crossed their mind as well. Being that ‘Just Show Up’ is a blog about how God show’s up in my life as a survivor who is thriving in this world I tend to be forthright and up front.

This summer has been a busy one for me and I realize for one who runs a non-profit the opportunities I’ve been given might seem contradictory to that of a budding new, as my husband jokingly calls it, ‘non’ non-profit. And here is my fact:

I do not get paid for what I do for Hopeful Hearts. I do not bring in a salary. The funds I bring in for speaking, revenue from EXPOSED and the charms go 100% into the non-profit. I work daily with survivors all over the world. I was asked this a few days ago by someone I just met ‘Do you work?’ and I without hesitation replied, “Yes.” Because I do. I work with survivors schedules, often at all hours of the day and night. I work often 8+ hours a day.

My focus and priority is to balance the needs of my family with my call in this ministry so I make certain I am here for my family first. This correlates into spending time with them in the summer.

As I’ve blogged in the beginning of the summer I have been blessed with a husband who provides for our family and who helped both monetarily and emotionally support the start up of Hopeful Hearts Ministry. Because of my husband’s job we have been given opportunity to travel.

The travel has been the blessing I’ve needed to rejuvenate, regroup, refresh so I can move forward and be 100% for the ministry. My brief ‘girls get away’ in Mexico was something I was gifted and if you read in the blogs you’ll know God showed up by moving me forward through fear and with a new courage.

What I’ve noticed is though I ‘vacate’ rarely do I turn off what I do for ‘work’ but it’s not work for me, it’s my call.


I meet people every day who ask what I do and when I tell them I get the blessing of hearing their story and ministering to them.

In all honestly the frequency of my blogs has gone down because I don’t want to be ‘that person’ that flaunts her experiences. Though I could provide a ‘Just Show Up’ moment nearly every day I often shut myself down and think ‘who cares?’.

But that is the ‘victim’s voice’. Who really cares about me? I don’t matter. Etc etc.

If you know me. If you’ve been following me and reading Just Show Up from the beginning then you know my heart. You know where I began and how God gives himself to me in order that I might try to bring you closer to him.

All I desire is for you to know you are loved. For you to realize you matter to God and you matter to me. I want you to embrace every single opportunity life brings and not have to feel like you need to apologize for it or validate it. We are all given our own blessings, our own ‘show up moment’s’ and yours will be different than mine. But neither will be ‘better than the other’.

If you feel that way then that is the victim talking. ;) Help me help you get rid of that voice and begin to hear your truth. Let’s stand together united in this strength that we’ve been given as survivors and be happy for one another’s accomplishments and blessings.
Here is a Just Show Up Video Moment: ‘Better Days to Come’

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to clarify just in case you were asking. ;)

By the way, I’m in Colorado at my parent’s cabin. It is family property. A blessing for sure, thanks to my parents. More on my time here later.