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Oh my I didn’t realize when we set out for Colorado that I wouldn’t have internet! I am doing this off of my iPad 4G service with one bar. For those of you who might not know the struggle one bar and only 4G brings…well let me tell you I’m limited. (Worse, turns out I couldn’t get this out till I got back today!)

Had I thought ahead I would’ve done the post early. My apologies. Isn’t that how life goes? ;)

I can tell you that I went in for my 8 week weigh in on Wednesday. As expected I did not improve. In the four weeks time between the last weigh in I went on my Anniversary vacation and a little girls weekend get away. I decided to LIVE LIFE and, well, that doesn’t include dieting. ;)

Last week's picture but I'll include it again. I feel good!!!

I gained 2 pounds and went up a percentage in body fat. :(  BUT I’m not at all upset. I feel good. Seriously I feel good. I feel strong. I feel at rest mentally and emotionally. I feel the best I’ve felt in years!

So who can complain?

I have 4 weeks to end this ’12 week challenge’ but I’ve decided not to stop at the end of the challenge. I DO want to get to my ‘physical’ goals but what I’ve accomplished so far in this challenge is beyond what I could’ve anticipated.

I want to encourage you to not give up. If you started a challenge with me and didn’t quite make your ‘goal’ so far, do not give up.

Never EVER Give up

Life happens and I believe the important part of a ‘challenge’ is to recognize your internal strength by pushing through. Picking yourself up and trying again.

I used to tell my boys when they were young, ‘Try try again.’

That’s all God asks of us is to try.

Be blessed.