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Seven weeks down and I feel stronger. ;)

Okay so I just spent the last two weeks struggling to maintain while I went on my 18th anniversary trip and then to Mexico.  I managed to not gain which is a success in my book! And I still feel strong!

This challenge has turned into much more than a physical or weight challenge. The reason why I began was to force myself to override the self-destructive thought process that inevitably takes me down and prevents me from crossing the line from a mediocre existence to vibrant living.


7 weeks difference. I get weighed and measured next week so I'll give the 8 week results then.

I realize my body is created a certain way and I might never have a flat stomach. And that is now, finally, finally I accept it, it is now OKAY. ;) I feel strong and I feel good about me and that is all that matters.

Appreciating our uniqueness is what matters.  Putting a stop to our degrading internal dialogue is a must.

Here is a quick “Just Show Up Moment” on being YOU with no comparison to others.

My heart is filled with pride for the survivors I’ve been working with on their own ‘personal challenges’. They’ve shown remarkable resilience and determination to live the life God intended for them and their families. We are not meant to give in and lay down to the evil working malevolence of the enemy.

If you have been following this challenge and are considering what you ‘wish’ you could overcome … I implore you to begin now. It takes your ‘yes’ and one day at a time. You are stronger than you realize.

I’d love to walk with you along the way. Contact me and let me know how I can help.