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I return today from Playa del Carmen, Mexico having spent the last 3 nights hanging and ‘redoing’ my 40th b-day getaway. Except this time it’s girls only and just two of us. What I hope to have for you is proof that I can overcome my own fears. What I might be showing you is that I’m not afraid to cry. ;)

We shall see…which will it be? Either way is OKAY. Because I took an opportunity and went with it. I plan to exercise every day. We plan to hike and maybe even do a yoga class.

I don’t want to be obsessed about my ‘plan’. Do you get that way? Obsessed once you make a plan? That’s not always the healthiest and at times when I fall into the obsessive phase it ruins my progress and ability to push through to the end. If I over think what I’ll eat or how much exercise I’ll do to compensate a good dinner I’ll find that I will either overcompensate and eat too much or deny my body the nutrients it needs by not eating.

A Just Show Up Moment (1-2 minute pep talks)

I’ve noticed my friend does the same in her challenge as well. She gets focused on the date she plans to confide in her husband about the abuse and her mind goes overboard with memories and triggers. The ‘date’ is simply a guideline to help her gather her confidence and strength to do something she knows she wants/needs to do. But it is simply a guideline. The challenge is what she needs to do to get to that point. And that is praying, journaling and talking to someone she can trust. Focusing on the abuse itself only re-victimizes her which is harmful and not helpful.

One ‘idea’ I’ve had over the past few weeks is to post these “Just Show Up” Moments. They are 1 – 2 minute pep talks on living our life moving forward as thrivers and not just survivors.

I post them on the Hopeful Hearts Ministry Facebook page so be sure to ‘LIKE’ the page to receive them as they are uploaded!