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Neal and I had a great time in Aurora, Ohio over the weekend. His cousin, John, and wife, Lisa, were gracious hosts who offered the most relaxing three days. Neal golfed. Lisa and I visited. And we ate. And ate. ;) I’m not even feeling guilty because it was that good!

John and Lisa up top Left, Neal and I bottom left and Neal relaxing on the right.


Now I’m embarrassed to admit what I get to do next. First, I have to explain that I had what I’m about to do planned since February. This trip to Ohio was a surprise anniversary trip from Neal because it was his turn. We have taken turns every year since the 1st anniversary surprising one another with weekend getaways. Sometimes we get to ‘go’ somewhere, other times we are trying out B&B’s close to home and only spending one night away. It’s our away of ‘keeping the flame alive’. ;)

For the next few days I get to have what we’re calling a ’40 redo’ in Mexico! 😀  My cohort in crime was a roommate of mine in college. We both had a lot going on during our 40th year (healing wise) and so we vowed to save up the funds do a ‘re-do’. I suspect we’ll be doing a lot of talking, eating, sunning, shopping and possibly some dancing.


Because of this I am not going to weigh myself this weekend. I’ve already decided. I want to live and enjoy this vacation. I don’t want to stress about what I’ll weigh on Sunday when I get back. I won’t go crazy but I don’t want to be obsessive either. There is always a good balance. However, I do have a special post planned so stay tuned. ;)

And if you didn’t catch it in a past post…Clarissa claims we’re going to zipline… So I’ll do my best to see what I can do with filming shorts of this. ;)

While I’m away on this quick ‘girls’ trip I wanted to make sure you were directed to my July feature article on Choose Now Ministries.

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I realize it seems I’m going going going…but in reality God’s taking this time to refresh my mind and I believe I have many heavenly inspired ideas to work on for the fall. Trust me, take the rest when you can get it! ;)