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It’s the start of my 6th week…almost 1/2 way done with the 12 week challenge.

Okay so maybe it's difficult to SEE the change...but I FEEL IT. And that's what counts.

Where am I in my goals? I’ve lost another .5 lb this week. Yeah not much. But I FEEL GREAT! :D

I am still 9 pounds away from my weight loss goal. And 3 % away from my body fat goal. BUT I have 6 weeks to go. I might not make that weight loss but I MIGHT make the body fat loss which is what matters most.

The first images on Left are from beginning 5 weeks ago and on the right are present. There is some noticeable change. A little less pooch, a bit more arm definition. My shorts fit better. :)  But look at my smile...:D

Regardless if I hit that goal with the way I feel now I don’t believe I’ll stop at 12 weeks. I knew it would be difficult to do with vacations in the mix. I just came off of my anniversary trip with Neal AND I have a ’40-redo’ trip with Clarissa in Mexico at the end of this week. Now come on…what I’ve learned the most in this challenge is that I want to LIVE LIFE TO IT’S FULLEST and receive without abandon the gifts and blessings God has given.

That means I won’t go C-razy but I will enjoy myself. ;) We plan to exercise and veg. Best of both worlds. 😀  She’s telling me we are going to climb the Mayan ruins and then zipline down…AUGH!! I’m afraid of heights!! BUT I feel so good about who am I and what I’ve accomplished mentally I can’t help but be up for the challenge. If we do it I’ll make sure she video tapes it … it wouldn’t be one you’d want to miss. I’m sure I’ll be a crying baby. I’ll need to watch my mouth too. ;)

proverbs 31 21I have to give props to my dear fellow survivor who’s walking along this challenge with me…a much more in-depth and personal challenge…she is inspiring! She has broken through some of her own walls…managed to literally confront a place in her childhood  and had to stay there. Sheovercame the triggers that threatened to send her into an anxiety attack.

When she got back to her own home the next day she allowed herself the release of a good cry. That is so important. Then she felt a righteous anger and a justified hurt. “I survived for a reason and I intend to find out what that reason is. I didn’t slip back (into depression) the trigger just hurt my feelings. Never thought I’d feel this. Feeling is something I came accustomed to ignoring. Emotions are powerful. A lot of good changes these last few days in regards to my healing. Painful as hell but positive.”

We will all have some setbacks in our challenge…we’ll even have moments that we know we might not progress but we need to get through and then keep going more determined than before.

The point is not to give up on yourself.

We are worth feeling the pain and feeling the joy that comes from the healing through the pain.

Where are you on your challenge? I know many of you are out there doing this with me…if you are up to it share with the rest of us!