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This morning I was led to look at my personal Facebook page and see what my ‘about’ said. I haven’t looked at it in almost 8 years!! I’m pleased to say it’s still accurate. I thought I’d share WHO I am:

Okay I think this is a trick question. I know who I am and I can tell you all about me, but if you know me already you’ve already come to your own conclusions. You might disagree with what I say…or maybe you haven’t been around me in the past decade so you see what I write and think ‘really?”….
With that in mind, about me? I’m an imperfect child of God who strives to live daily following His will but rarely makes a full day without messing up in some way. But I keep trying because at this point in my life I’ve come to realize my days are no good unless I strive to do His will.
I’m also an imperfect wife who is in love with her husband but messes that love up sometimes too, so I live daily working at our marriage knowing one day when we are OLD and GRAY none of the ‘little stuff’ will matter anymore.
I’m also a mother who is in love with her sons. And my heart melted when I heard my husband say the same thing. We love them so much. They are two seperate personalities which makes for some fun and exciitement and a lot of drama in the house. If I can accomplish one thing while living in this world it would be to estabish their self-worth, especially in Christ, because then I will know they will be okay no matter what.
Finally I am an author and inspirational speaker. All for the greater Glory of God. I’m on the ride of my life and I’d venture to say where I’m heading but honestly, I have no idea and for those that don’t thnk I’m a thrill seeker, try leaving every choice, decision and dream up to God and find out what a thrill that is!

LOL I had to share. What about YOU? Who are you? Share with me.