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Who knew attending a Margarita Festival would be a catalyst to reconnecting with me? ;)

This personal challenge I’ve been on has proven to be more than about getting my physique to change. My mind is changing. My spirit is growing.

I am front row witness to a woman who is struggling with speaking out and pushing past that fear. I sit and listen to her put words to the fear and I get it. She’d say things I’ve thought in my own struggles and I’d think “I wish she’d get it. I wish she knew the joy that is beyond the fear.”


Something has clicked with me this past week. Why do I hold myself back? Why can’t I embrace the joy that is beyond the fear? Who is benefitting from me being less of me?

Only the enemy.

All it takes is that moment. That second to flip the switch and make a choice to say ‘no more‘.

My switch flipped before the Margarita Festival but the festival was more like a gift to simply enjoy. ;)

It wasn’t about drinking margaritas. It was about dancing. I love to dance and when I heard the music I couldn’t help myself.

We danced all night long. SO MUCH FUN!!! Cristala Poole a Krys Jei dance instructed led us all through different line dances.

This is towards the end when we ended up doing a 'soul train'. lol

I also had help by women who said I had rhythm (LOL…).

Brenda on the left and Teraisha on the right.

I sweat so much I was soaked from head to toe.

I promise I did not 'pee' on myself. ;)

For others this wouldn’t mean anything. It’s not your thing. ;) But for me it was a release. A joy beyond the fear. Granted there are many nights in my past I’ve danced but this weekend was different. I was different.

How do I deal with what I’ve been through in life? By living. One day at a time and pushing through the fear that keeps me from moving forward.

Whatever it is you are going through there is a better day. There is. You can push through. You are strong. You are a survivor.