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Reality check. I spent the first 4 weeks of this personal challenge, mine being a weight/fitness challenge, doing my best to re-train my mind.

4 Week results? I lost 3.5 lbs and unfortunately stayed at my 20% body fat. :(

I was upset when I weighed in and got measured. I worked my tail end off (well…I wish that statement was literal ;) ) even while on vacation. I didn’t partake in snacking and eating the way I would normally on vacation. Or have as many alcoholic beverages as I would on vacation.

Worse, Neal weighs himself and lost a pound! How do men do that? Discouraged and angry I wanted to give up. The heck with it. I should have eaten what I wanted and gained a few pounds.


Which is exactly where I hinder myself every time I try to make a change. I don’t receive immediate results or the results I think I should have by a certain time and throw up my hands in defeat.

Neal sensed my frustration and wrote me a sweet note:

“I probably do not tell you enough how beautiful you are or how proud I am of you, but I am and do think you are beautiful. Do not give up on yourself or give up on what you are trying to achieve. You are not a quitter and seeing you frustrated hurts. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. You are definitely my inspiration.”

I can’t give up on myself. Exactly.

A few days later I connected with one of the women I’m working with and found that she was in the same place mentally as I was in regards to her personal challenge. We skyped which gave her a chance to talk about everything that kept her from moving forward in telling her husband and family about the abuse she incurred as a child and teenager.

She wrote me a note after. “After talking with you I sat down and thought about my life. I can do good in this life. It won’t change my past but will give me a future.”

What followed was a list of actions and goals she put a date to, goals that benefit her and her family. Dreams that can be a reality to give her a future and hope. This was a breakthrough moment. “I don’t want to be at heavens door and be told of all I missed out on because of fear and hurt.”

My heart bursts with pride for this woman. In turn she encourages me to keep going, keep my eye on the goal. Why not? I’m worth it!

Like that a switch clicked with me. I am proud of what I’ve accomplished in 4 weeks time, to have still lost even while going on a vacation and eating soul food in Atlanta?? WOW…not too shabby.


And I have another 8 weeks ahead of me with the same challenges but I now want to do what’s best for me and still live my life. Have fun. Enjoy. Not miss out.

How is your challenge going? Don’t give up. You are worth the fight. Don’t miss out on the joys and blessings designed for you.