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Never EVER Give up

This is my motto this week.

I have this as a magnet on my refrigerator door. It’s been there for at least 4 years and there are moments it catches my eye. Whether I could ‘see’ it or not the message remained with me this week. Never EVER never give up.

Relaxing on the beaches of the British Virgin Islands does not make for an opportune time to keep up with a personal challenge. All I wanted to do was sit my butt in this chair on the beach, read, and occasionally partake in a drink or two. Not to mention the food!


On the beach of Virgin Gorda

I am determined so I brought my workout videos with me and worked out every single morning. I can’t even believe it myself but I did!

We hiked to the tip of the island to an overlook. I was 'dared' to plank...you know me and a challenge. I was too afraid of heights to go on just one beam!

And because we stayed in a house we did most of our own cooking so I was able to have healthier choices. To top it off my kids even ate the carrots I had out for me to nibble on instead of chips. That in itself is a miracle.

I did the best I could, the best I’ve ever done on vacation. But I didn’t give up vacation. There were ‘cheat’ moments. And there were moments I walked away proud of myself because I chose the tuna over the steak (which was an excellent choice) or no butter with my lobster. Man…

My goal was to not gain any weight. I didn’t think I would lose. When I came home I realized I gained 2 pounds back. :( I’ll admit I was upset. I thought I had done so well especially being on vacation. My mind went to it’s fall back, I should have eaten and drank as much as I wanted.

I gained but at the same time I think my body is changing. I can't wait to be measured after this week (4 week mark) to know what my body % is.

Rubbing salt into a wound Neal comes out of our bathroom and proclaims, “I lost a pound!”

Seriously? Do you know how much the man ate and drank on this trip? My balloon deflated. Three weeks in and I want to give up.

Never never never give up. I tell my boys to never quit. You have a goal, the only person that can keep you from that goal is yourself.

One of the women I’m working with who is mentally and emotionally preparing to tell her husband about the abuse she went through struggles to re-train her mind to embrace her positive over the negative thinking that had been force fed to her through the abusive years. I hadn’t spoken to her all week and when I did I asked how she felt she was progressing. She told me about a moment with a family member that eventually she needs to confront the abuse with (not the abuser just someone who might have known it was happening) and she said she almost went there.

She said it was on the tip of her tongue. “I’m not going to give up. I am keeping to the date we set as my goal to tell my husband. I can do this. I’m not going to give up.”

Imagine you are afraid of heights and you’re standing at the edge of a ten story building on fire. The only way for you to be free from the fire is to jump into the net the fire fighters have waiting at the bottom. You will eventually jump because your life matters more than being consumed by the fire. This is where this woman stands.

She’ll jump. And because I’m here to witness her courage and in a way I am the fire fighter asking her to ‘jump’ I will not give up on this challenge.

Don’t give up on your challenge. You are worth it.



Here is a three week comparison (21 days)

21 days (3 weeks) 9 more weeks to go!