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Six glorious days have passed. I did not see one tweet, text, newsfeed, email or listen to one voicemail in six wondrous days.

Well, I can’t lie, there was one short moment that Facebook was up on a computer in the house (?? yes we had Wifi even in the British Virgin Islands) and I cheated. I scrolled through my notifications and couldn’t help but comment on a few. But that was IT.

What do I have to show for six days of unplugged?

  • I learned that Ryan is writing a book
  • Seth has a desire to build parking lots and has fascination with kayaks
  • Neal can’t be unplugged for six days
  • Left Neglect is an actual nuero issue in stroke patients and some TBI survivors. Your mind can’t fathom that there is a ‘left’ to anything. (I read a great novel called Left Neglected by Lisa Genova in two days.)
  • I’m in awe of Jodi Picoult’s craft of writing…finished her book Change of Heart today. She seems to have her own fascination with abuse…I called the ‘plot’ of her book on day one. But I saw the signs. ;)
  • I need vacation time to ‘unplug’ in order to be the best ‘me’ for others. :)

I learned that it is important for survivors to realize that there is a LIFE TO LIVE NOW. That even though we all might be ‘working on’ healing or getting beyond the past we are still people who can laugh, cry, dance, sing, and enjoy the blessings of each and every day.

Here is a small taste of what the trip ‘unplugged’ was like for me. I tried to do short videos (10 seconds) to give a better ‘inside view’ into my world unplugged this past week:


First moment on Virgin Gorda, right at sunset. It was God's kiss on my cheek. "Rest."

At Sea Fans the name of the home we stayed in.

 Here is a complete view of the Villa, Sea Fans, on Virgin Gorda.

Taking in the sights. At the peak near our villa enjoying a beverage and dinner at Hog Heaven.

There were moments (many) that I sat and chilled in God’s grace. I hear him in the ocean. He clears my mind. He speaks to me in ways that bring me back to my calling.


On Father's Day we went to Mass at St. Ursula's in the morning. A parish that is celebrating their 25th anniversary in August. Only 25 years have they had a Roman Catholic Church on the island! Amazing....the people were wonderful and they wanted to celebrate EVERYTHING. ;)

Neal getting 'blessed' for Father's Day, kids reading poems, they sang to us because we were visiting, etc. It was a 2 hour Mass!

We went hiking up to the peak of the tallest part of Virgin Gorda where they built a 'tree house' to view all the way around the island. I was 'dared' to plank...

We visited the famous ‘baths’ of Virgin Gorda…crawled under these amazing boulders and eventually Ryan and I ventured off and climbed a few too.

Inside was amazing...all these caves to explore.

I’m afraid of heights!! I try to show you. ;)

I forced Ryan to take a selfie with me...he wasn't too happy. Party pooper.

The day before we left we went out cruising and snorkeled around the little islands of the BVI (British Virgin Islands).

Before I could blink it was our last day. We had a great time with the Westbrooks (Michelle, Bubba and Charlie)


I miss it already but I do have more vacation to come! I love summer!! My next stop is Atlanta, GA for the International Christian Retail Show!

Remember, we all need time to unplug, even if for a moment. Take a step back and realize there is so much life that needs to be lived.