Remember when:

kickin it ole schoolYou would spend a long day at the lake with your family and you learned to ski, had battles of who could last longest on the inner tube, and spent the remaining hours of sunlight swimming and fishing? No one text. No one played Candy Crush or 3′s. No one checked emails or scrolled through the Facebook ‘news feed’. And if pictures were taken they were on a camera that used a roll of film and the entire roll needed to be taken before it could be turned in to be developed. Often months would go by, possibly an entire year of these ‘moments’ until an entire roll was used.


When you would leave the house for an entire day, possibly even two, and you had no way of knowing if anyone tried to call until you got home and checked the answering machine? Or even more old school, before answering machines and caller ID you simply didn’t know until they tried to call again?


When you had a pool party and it rained but the kids swam anyway until the adults saw lightning so they made everyone get out of the pool? When kids wanted to be outside so they played in the rain?

I remember. And we lived it this weekend. Neal and I left our phones at home. Our kids were with us. There was no need to know what everyone else was doing. I don’t have a selfie to document the events but I have memories. ;) It rained on our impromptu Memorial Day BBQ but no one minded.

We kicked it old school this weekend and it was refreshing. Can we go back to living this way entirely? Let’s be honest. No. But we can be vigilant in minimizing or reducing the noise of life when it means it might help us live more.

This post was first written on Memorial Day weekend. May we continue to keep our service men and women in prayer on a daily basis. Our life and freedom is not a right it is a privilege. Don’t waste it.

life is a privilege quote