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I know God is with me.

I can not share how or why today but I know that He is.

One survivor I’m working with on a daily basis began with an aversion to God. Not wanting to ‘go there’. Couldn’t fathom Him being a loving God or ‘showing up’ in her life at all due to the atrocities she suffered on a daily basis for over a decade by the hand of a family member. It’s been four months of listening, praying, consoling, offering verses, sharing my faith, opening her eyes to the reality of God in her life and now she says statements like this:

God is insuring that I have a safe foundation for this new chapter in our (her and her husband) lives.”

and she recognizes those ‘moments’ of God ‘sh0wing up’

Ahh, God is reminding me about being a mom. A man put his little boy down near me and he crawled into my arms.”

And with another survivor who is in the thick of the struggle desperate to defeat the evil that has lasted decades. This survivor recognizes God showing up by the phone calls received out of the blue at the ‘right time’, or the sequence of events so that a step forward can be taken.

There is so much I would love to write about and share but it isn’t my story. I’m simply a witness to God’s glory and one day they will be given the grace to share.

Lately that takes up my day, that and editing REDEEMED. ;)

I love my job. I don’t take in a dime but I’m overwhelmed in riches.



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