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The response to the personal challenge was validating. Many of you wrote in to tell me you also want to do a personal challenge and the common denominator for motivation is to finally DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF.

I’ve met with two new survivors this week and that is the common thread among any type of struggle we need to overcome – Are WE worthy enough to be happy, to not take on the guilt and shame, to feel comfortable in our own skin?

Week 2! I lost 1.5 lbs in a week...which is exactly my goal. But I'm working harder to lose BODY FAT % which matters most (to me).

I’m not doing this personal health challenge because I think I’m fat or over weight. I’m not. But I am not comfortable with how I look because I know my habits are not healthy. I am tired of giving in to the inner voice that says, “Who cares. What kind of life do you have if you can’t eat (or drink) what you want?”  I’d give in to that voice and forget that I feel better about myself when I am mentally and physically healthy.

When I gave in to that voice I wasn’t happy to ‘eat whatever I wanted’. I’d feel like poo the next day, hung over from a carb overload (or possibly wine…;) ) I’d stand in front of the mirror and see the muffin top swell over the waistband of my jeans and hear my spirit say, “You are literally not comfortable in your own skin.”

Last week I realized I needed to show myself that I am worth the fight. I needed to prove to myself that I can make the choice that needs to be made so I feel good about who I am (physically, mentally and emotionally).

This is why I am not promoting any singular health diet, craze, program, etc. I am doing a mixture of programs that work well for me in order to do this for life. (At the end of this post I’ll let you know what my regime is if you want to follow.)

What keeps me going – I am finally standing up for ME and overriding the inner voice that tells me I should just let it go or give up because it’s too hard. Whatever your personal challenge is, whether it’s a health challenge, getting the courage to leave an abusive relationship (because you’re WORTH MORE), convincing yourself to seek personal counseling due to past abuse (but you’re scared to talk about it or are used to making excuses not to work through the past because it’s too painful), or even standing up for yourself against the bullies in your life, WHATEVER your challenge is know that YOU ARE WORTH THE FIGHT. 

care for yourself

Your heart responded to the challenge because your spirit is wanting to you fight that inner voice. God created you specifically with gifts and talents. He knew you before you were even formed in your mothers womb. He wants you to be the best YOU you can be. Regardless of what you’ve ‘done’ by listening to the inner voice, today is a new day.


Jeremiah 5And if you mess up there is always a new day waiting on the other side it’s called tomorrow.

Get back up. Always. Get back up.



My regime:

I did a program in May called the 21 day fix (Beachbody). It taught me what our ‘real’ portions of food should be and how many portions of vegetables, proteins, and carbs I should have in a day (more food than you realize!). Plus I drank a Shakeology shake every morning.

I lost 3% body fight and 3 pounds in that 21 days. But I knew I couldn’t do that for life. I needed something that I could enjoy a dinner with Neal on date night, or enjoy girls night or vacation time. So I dug out the Body for Life books I had from 10 years ago and decided to mix that in with what I learned from the 21 day fix program. Body for Life gives you a ‘cheat’ day to eat and drink whatever you want. But I didn’t want a whole day. I can do well in the morning and lunch I needed a few nights to ‘cheat’ at dinner. So I have taken my ‘day’ and made it into three cheat meals for the week.

What I’ve been able to overcome and push through is making the right choices and deciding if I really need this meal to be a ‘cheat’ meal. Can I order the salmon over the steak tonight? AND I realize that I need to eat in order to be healthy. Skipping meals is not an option. You need to fuel your body!

Vacation will prove to be the test which is in the next few weeks so I’ll let you know how that goes.

GOOD LUCK to you whatever your challenge may be. Let me hear from you and how you’re progressing.