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I can tell when I’m near burn out. Nothing comes. I feel useless which leads to guilt which leads to an internal self-destructive dialogue.

need a vacationWhy do this to myself? Why not be honest? I need a vacation. :)

By the grace of God I have a few coming soon … only weeks away!

Often I have others ask “How do you do it?” Referring to hearing what I do on a daily basis and when I reach this point I know my answer.

With vacation.

We all need vacation. I don’t care what your daily routine is, it is a routine that needs to be vacated for a time so that you can regroup, re-energize, and come back to the routine with a fresh spirit.

I think about why I created this blog and I’ve lost a part of that zeal. The notion that any one would care about how God is showing up in my life or how I might have helped others. Maybe I need a complete refresh? An entirely new concept perhaps? I find myself torn between needing to write blogs that help survivors and sticking with my day to day shenanigans and expressing how God showed up. However, now that the ministry is a 501 c3 I feel an obligation to keep the topic focused on empowering survivors because that is what I do and yet when you hear that too much and too often though it’s meant to be empowering to some it can be depressing to others. I know. ;) Knowing the evil in this world is depressing. But knowing God’s love and how he can SHOW UP is much more exciting and encouraging!

I’m muddled, do you see? Some crisp Caribbean air will clear my senses. :D

earl mason vacationDo you feel muddled? Do you take your vacation time? You should. I sat with a friend of mine this weekend who is struggling to commit to his family’s vacation time with us in Colorado because he’ll have been gone from the office ‘too long’. Out of curiosity I asked him about the other days he’s taken off and some days he needs to take in the Fall. We counted them out and then I asked how many days he had for vacation. They were the same amount. He wasn’t taking 0ne day more than what he has been given legally and as an ‘incentive’ of the job.

Why do we fight leaving the routine for a break? Often by going on vacation you benefit your company and even your family by regrouping and refreshing coming back with a clear head.

I still have a few weeks before I ‘take off’ and I will continue to write as I feel prompted. But I encourage you, if you have the time allotted, take it. You’re doing everyone a favor.