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Here is another nugget of information I received while at the Catalyst convention last week. Dr. Henry Cloud, author of Boundaries for Leaders, stated:

“You will ‘get’ what you create and / or allow by creating the boundary  of focused attention.”

  • Attend to what is relevant
  • Inhibit everything else
  • Keep working memory  (keep what matters for you to create the boundary up front at all times)

focusedMake sense? No?…. example: Put down your phone! 😉 Make a boundary for when you are with family and friends to put the phone down. Now, with this example in mind, look at the bullet points.

Another nugget he gave is this: “Mulit-tasking is 100% a joke. You can’t. You multi-switch. Your brain can only do one thing at a time.”

I pray that helps you because it certainly showed up for me when I heard Dr. Cloud speak and today as I reread through my notes. Focused attention makes a difference.

What else makes a difference is how God SHOWS UP in our lives and how He showed up for Tara throughout her life. Be inspired today and watch her segment of inspirational messages: