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I’m not happy and I need to do something to change it.

Every survivor I work with has this thought or comment. It’s what guides them to talk to me or seek counseling. In the past few months I’ve been working with four women who have made the first move to do something to move forward and change their life. They’ve made the first step and now they are faced with a difficult challenge – overcoming fears and habits that will keep them from being the changed person they desire to be.

Every comment I make to help them push through the fear reverberates within me reminding me of the same challenges I’ve been through in life. I’ve overcome a lot. I’ve faced two men who dominated and controlled me. I withstood threats, stalking, and harassment. I’ve put my entire life out there and shared my faults with the world.

So why can’t I do what it takes to complete a simple fitness challenge? Simple compared to what I’ve overcome in other areas of my life. It’s not that I think I’m fat, that’s not it, but I look at myself and I’m not happy. That’s what matters – if I’m happy with me. And I’m not.

In no way does this compare to what the women I’m working with are overcoming. No way. But I realized if I’m asking of them to face their fears and overcome their current circumstance in order to be ‘free’ and ‘happy’ then I need to live what I preach.

No more excuses.

Not a pretty site...it's my mid-section that is my nemesis. ;) We all have something we aren't happy with and I want to see if I can do what it takes to make a change.

I’m beginning a 12 week personal health challenge today. Every Sunday I will post my picture of progress (hopefully progress…) and update on the successes and failures of the week. The challenge ends one week before my 41st birthday. I want to see if I can make a personal change that makes me happy.

Would you like to join a 12 week personal challenge with me? It doesn’t have to be a fitness or health challenge. I’d rather you think about what it is in your life that you know if you put the effort in to change it would make you happy?

I’d love to follow along with your progress as well!