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I put too many expectations on myself and when I go days without sitting down to do a blog post I get upset with myself. I mean it’s not that I haven’t posted my On Hope column with Choose Now Ministries – “Count Your Blessings” or uploaded the latest I Have a Voice Video…(I’ll post below…MUST SEE…and I can’t wait to share her Inspirational video too…which I’ll put up tomorrow).

raggedBut I think about the few (ha…one maybe ;)) that don’t look at FaceBook or read the Hopeful Hearts Newsletter and I think “I need to post something because they’ll think I’m slacking!”

First of all, I need to ask myself who’s ‘they’ and then I need to remember the inspiring words of Craig Groeschel last week:

I can not please every one but I can please God.”

So if you ever feel like you are running ragged and can’t seem to meet all the ‘requirements’ you put on yourself to please ‘them’ then remember as long as you are following the will of the Lord in this day then you are pleasing Him. :D

Please watch our latest I Have a Voice video and share it …you’ll never realize who you’ll be helping by doing so.




Please pray for the young women in Nigeria who have been ‘taken’…may the power of the Holy Spirit give them peace, comfort and protection.