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I am exhausted in God’s grace. What a day yesterday! A day of enrichment. A day of blessings. A day full of his GRACE overflowing and exploding within me.


If I could I’d ask you to crawl into my head and heart so you could receive every morsel of what was given to me in this day. And yet, you might not receive it the way I needed to. Which is exactly why His grace is so amazing. We can all hear the same message and receive exactly what we need.

This morning before crawling out of bed I greeted God and asked Him  to meet me face to face even if it hurt to look Him in the eye I needed Him to show up within His will for me and why He opened the doors for me to be at this conference. I didn’t want to focus on needing to meet this person or speaking to that person or making sure I was giving my ‘best face’. I wanted to be in His presence.

Which is exactly why I’m exhausted in His grace because as one of the speakers said, “It was like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.”

First Patrick Lencioni, author of The Advantage and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, spoke to us on how essential vulnerability is in leadership. “Vulnerability is a manifestation of humility.” We need to be 1) Vulnerable to ourselves 2) Vulnerable to the world, especially when we don’t know if what we’re doing is going to work or succeed and 3)Vulnerable before God because let’s face it ‘We stand before Him completely known.’

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Then Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze speak to my heart on parenting and teaching them the gift of stewardship. And within their vast amount of knowledge Dave snuck in a quote that hit my heart (and it had nothing to do with kids or finances) “The man with experience is not at the mercy of a man with an opinion.” AMEN! ;)

Where can I begin with Pastor Eric Mase, author of Manhood Restored? He opens with Ephesians 5:15-20 (Yes the very same verses that speaks to my heart in all that I do!) So much was given that I needed for the project I’m working on currently that I wouldn’t be able to do justice within the scope of this quick overview. But I will give one quote from Pastor Mase (one of the many), “Jesus didn’t heal anybody that didn’t first admit they were sick.” Let that soak in…

Are you beginning to understand why I’m ‘exhausted’? Next Jen Hatmaker, author of Interrupted and Seven (to name a few), pierced my heart with truth. She spoke a warning to me that I pray as I continue on this path with doing as God calls I take heed to every day. Again, I can’t accurately explain because it’s what it means to me…not necessarily what it would’ve been for you. However, this sums it up well, “Spiritual nourishment is perishable so gather it daily.”

I’m not done! Then Dr. Henry Cloud, author of Boundaries for Leaders, poured more and more grace into the day. Get this, “The worse pain we can know is trying to avoid the pain of growth.” Think about it, if you’ve ever felt stuck because you know moving forward means facing getting over a past hurt then you can relate to that comment.

Nope not done. Yes, this is all in one day! Craig Groeschel, author of The Christian Atheist and Confessions of a Pastor (and many others), gave me more than I could allow to soak in so I need to make sure I revisit the many nuggets given because the entire time he spoke God had me by the chin and was staring me in the eyes. I might take a day and do a blog post solely on these nuggets but here are one or two:

“God won’t love you less or more for who you are or what you do because love is not what He ‘does’ it is who He is.”

“You are not who others say you are. You are who God says you are.”

And last but certainly not least in this grace giving day, Francis Chan, author of Crazy Love, sealed the deal. “I want my last words to be honoring to You.”


What more could I receive…as much as God is willing to give. :D I’m looking forward to another day!