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It is possible to get so busy and caught up in our day that the moments of God ‘showing up’ seem to have subsided. I felt this way the days leading up to the retreat. I sat down at my computer wanting to do a blog and I’d try to center my thoughts on the full day …and my mind would go blank.

He was there, always. I had become so busy I failed to take delight in the little moments as I had come accustomed. During the retreat there was no need to try to pay attention to the ways in which He showed up because His presence overflowed! Once I was home and the bulk of the work behind me the moments came clear again… Even the ones that happened while I was distracted before the retreat suddenly came into view.

Last week, the day before the retreat, I received some great news. My publicist had recommended me to a new agent for the self-help project that is in the works and they are interested in working with me. However, that great news came with a forewarning; because I don’t ‘fit’ securely in the Catholic Publishers ideal box, nor do I ‘fit’ in the evangelical Christian box, I am a client that they will have to be more diligent on seeking just the right publishing house.

As I was told, it’s like selling a home, you don’t need 100 buyers you just need one. I have always realized God has called me to what I do and in many ways I beat to a different drum, but to have it as a possible stumbling block to succeed in what He has called me to do is frustrating. Thankfully there was no time to wallow in a pit of undue self-pity. I had work to do for Him!

A day later on the retreat during the homily at Mass Fr. Borski spoke about a moment in his life that he was faced with the job of saving St. Mary’s Seminary from closing. There was no reason it should have been kept open. Enrollment was down. They had no other Diocesan priests to help teach the seminarians other than him, etc. The odds were against him and a nun from a nearby convent told him, “Take it one day at a time and do what you can do within the limits of His will.” When Fr. Borski repeated this advice to us it pierced my heart. It’s simple and even obvious but I needed to hear it. (I need to edit something here…I heard ‘limits’ but I had a young woman comment on my Facebook saying she needed to hear this too but didn’t like the word ‘limits’ because God is limitless with what he can do through us, which is true. So maybe we should use the word ‘parameters’…it is nicer. ;) )

I can only go forward within the limits of His will. If He has called me to this then obviously He has a plan. There was no pity to be had in being ‘outside the box’ because it is exactly where He needs me to be.

Returning from retreat and getting a moment to literally decompress I am awakened once again to all the ‘moments’ God shows up in big and small ways.

Seek and you shall find

He is in the conversations we have, the ‘coincidences’, the sudden moment of peace or clarity, the tear that needed to be shed, the embraces, and the smiles.

God is in US and all we have to do is just show up.

New Log Ask Seek and KnockI also can’t do a blog on ‘Seek and You Shall Find’ without highlighting the ministry resource of my friend, Tiffany Mack.  Ask Seek Knock is a website that hosts resources for those that are going through domestic abuse or for family members who have loved ones in an abusive relationship or have lost a loved one to an abuse spouse.

I love to know how God works in you and through you…share with us YOUR story!