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Ever look back on the week and think, “How is it Friday? Where did the week go?” One day looked like the next you failed to experience the passing of time.

I’m staring at this blank screen desperate for words to formulate. The past few days of taxi driving the kids (literally hours in the car), dozens of phone calls, thousands of texts (yes I would not be surprised if I were to look back on a phone bill it would topple 1000) and every second in-between stuck behind the computer does not make for an interesting blog.

Nor did it lend for the time to write one. ;) It is 4:13am on Friday and this is the only hour I have to write. Every minute is accounted for in my day. The big ACTS retreat is next week and we are in crunch time mode. Along with my husband being out of town, kids needs (in all areas), ministry work, doctor’s appointments and the changing of internet providers what can I say?


I know you relate. I’ve spoken to you. You are like me in many ways. Going from one thing to the next at times on autopilot. Checking off the ‘to do’ list and crashing in bed at the end of the day.

If you were to have the extra moment you might pause long enough to look back on the week and think, “One day was like the next, what was it for? What did I do that mattered? It’s all a blur.”

And that, my friend, is the trick of the enemy. Busy-ness. To get you worked up on the time, the excursion, the repetition, and in some areas the mundane so you won’t see where God has shown up for you, let alone for you to realize that despite the time felt lost you managed to show up for others because of your accountability day to day.

When I took the moment to reflect not on the motions of the days passed but the content I realized how God has shown up in many ways through the conversations had, the ideas formulated and implemented, and even in the quiet of car rides too and from A to B.

My week, your week, has not been lost. It is not lost when you give God the moment to look back and recognize Him even in the seemingly mundane. Because often what becomes habit and formulaic to us is the foundation for a consistent love and security for those around us and closest to us. The travesty is when we fail to remember Him in the busy-ness.

With a grateful heart I could brag and talk about the many ways God ‘showed up’ for me in those conversations, emails, texts and rides to and from downtown but I’d rather hear from you.

How has God ‘shown up’ in your life in the mundane this week?