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It is literally raining COW DUNG.  For all of you who might be ‘snowed in’ and don’t have experience in country living or who live overseas and aren’t near farms … ’cow dung’ is the excrement that comes from the tail-end of a cow. ;)


Why would I want to be showered in cow’s dung?

Let me explain.  Seth and Ryan have separate Spring Breaks.  Not fun.  So I promised both boys that I would do something with them so they could feel like they had ‘somewhat’ of a break.  Seth chose to come to my cousin, Lori’s house.  She lives in Grand Saline, Tx which is essentially in the middle of … no where.  😉  They have 400 acres of land and cows. :D


Because I wanted to be a ‘nice mom’ I told Seth he could invite a friend. [Actually, I haven’t seen Lori in a while so I wanted to have time to catch up on family ‘biz’ and such without Seth and his ‘ears’ around. ;) …plus Seth is almost 13, does he really want to hang with two middle aged women?? lol ]

Lori is a first cousin on my dad’s side and I have always gone to visit her wherever she has lived.  When I was 9 years old I was the flower girl in her wedding.  She was 18 yrs old.  A few years later her husband enlisted in the Army and they began to travel the world and I followed along nearly every summer.  I flew alone when I was 11 to visit her in Virginia at Ft. Belvoir.  She says we drove by the White House and I said, “Hi Ronnie!” (Ronald Reagan).  At the delicate age of 13 I flew alone to Hawaii, a much more desired location, and stayed for a MONTH with them on the base.  Loved every minute.

Many years have passed but our bond has never been broken.  Now my kids call her ‘Aunt Lori’ and I didn’t think twice when she said, ‘Get in’!


So we took the boys around the property to show them where it was ‘safe’ to drive and before we knew it we were going through puddles and murky dips.  The first was a mistake…but once we had ‘dung’ on us there was no more limit! She went for it and before I knew it I had dung all over me.


I haven’t laughed this hard in a very long time.  I loved every minute. :D

I am such a stiff at times.  I don’t want to get ‘dirty’ because then I’d have to wash off or feel uncomfortable.  So many years I’ve avoided the ‘messy’ in life because I didn’t want to go through the pain of ‘getting clean’.  As I laughed and giggled like a school girl I realized what I’ve kept myself from all these years.  The clothes can be washed.  I jumped in the shower and I am clean.

I avoid going through certain ‘hurdles’ in my healing process because I don’t want to deal with the ‘mess’ of cleaning up.  I can’t limit myself anymore.  I can’t.  I will try to do better.

That’s all God asks of me is to try.