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Wednesday I had the honor to do a ‘focus’ for our Cornerstone Scripture Study.  We are studying the book of ACTS and we were on chapter 17.   This particular lesson was interesting to me because we hear about how Paul, who once persecuted Christians, uses his conversion story to help convert others to Christianity.

What I related to in his conversion was the journey he had to take from first being ‘converted of the mind’ and believing in Christ to the ‘conversion of his heart’ to where he gives his life completely over to Christ.  There is a difference and this is my take:

As I said, God longs for everyone to be converted of both mind and heart but he also knows each individual has a journey to take so please don’t be hard on yourself if you feel as if you can’t ‘relate’.  If you long to know God intimately cry out to him, “Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.”