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“God Bless Texas!” I will say over and over again because I am ‘TEXAN’ all the way….BUT…when my friend sent me a link to this news report this morning I will admit, I was ashamed of Texas.

“A recent ruling by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is allowing teachers and other adults to legally ‘sext’ kids.”  Drew Karedes of KHOU 11 News posted late last night.

Drew goes on to report: “This week, prosecutors dropped a case against a Forth Worth area teacher accused of exchanging 688 sexually explicit texts with a 13-year-old student in just six days.  According to the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office, an appeals court ruling found those text messages to be protected speech.”

Really Texas?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a lover of our freedom and the use of ‘free speech’.  I’m a blogger for goodness sakes!  But what I’m writing isn’t defaming a young child’s mind or bypassing concrete laws that keep predators away from children.  What the heck is a teacher doing ‘sexting’ a 13 year old student??  A few choice words in response to this question are popping up in my mind that even surprise me.

Words that build up

What gets me is what the KHOU ‘Legal Expert’, Gerald Treece stated:   “These characters aren’t carrying through on anything. All they’re doing is sending messages back and forth, so they’re the junior varsity of the predators,” said KHOU 11 News Legal Expert Gerald Treece.

Yeah, JV predators, what a relief. 😦  NOT

I mean, my gosh, I should be grateful they aren’t following through?  I mean regardless of the fact a 13-year-old who reads the messages is being led to think things that a child shouldn’t be enticed to think,  or even led to respond with messages way above any area of knowledge that a minor child could or should understand.

“Treece, the KHOU Legal Expert, says the 2005 statute, which made sexually explicit online communication between an adult and minor illegal, isn’t specific enough.”

Specific enough?… And I would argue the fact that we are all given boundaries,  guidelines, and directions to keep us safe and living cohesively every single day.  Men in this bathroom. Women in this bathroom.  Families can use this one.  Order Here.  Pay Here.  Take this exit to get to point A.  Take this exit to get to point B.


So it goes back to those guidelines and directions that we need, regardless of our freedom, in order to keep us ‘in line’ and on the ‘same page’ in order to survive in a copacetic world.  Apparently not everyone knows the ‘unsaid’ rules that we think we can all live by and then one murders, or rapes, or abuses, or sends sext messages to our children and we get outraged.  Why would someone do such a thing?  Why?  Because they are sick and we need laws, guidelines, and boundaries to keep them from doing the same harm over and over again.

Problem is, if I catch a teacher ‘sexting’ my 13-year-old son one message let alone 700 messages I will practice my rights as a mother, who’s Texan born and bred, to find every means to make sure they’d get knocked off the JV team and put permanently behind bars where the real Varsity go to play.

These views are mine and mine alone.  No one associated with me or Hopeful Hearts Ministry is liable for my ranting today.  I’m simply a mother who can’t believe another mother is being told it’s ‘okay’ that a teacher sent lewd and suggestive texts to her child.

What’s your ‘opinion’?  Does ‘free speech’ cross boundaries to ‘texting’?…or ‘Sexting’?