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spilled milkWhen I was young, probably around  4 or 5, I had a pair of underwear that had the saying ‘Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk’ written on the backside.  Funny, who would think to put this saying on a little girl’s panties and my mom must’ve had a giggle when she bought them.  I could barely read and I think my mom told me what they said.   I’ll admit, I remember them because they were my favorite.  I think there was a cartoon type picture on their as well and I thought they were fun.

Of course at that young age I didn’t really know what the saying implied.  I knew NOT to cry about spilling something or maybe even having an ‘accident’ ;)  but I was blissfully unaware of the perseverance and control it takes an adult to not complain when something goes wrong or not our way.

Yesterday was a day that did not go my way and I met face to face with a hurt human being that, God bless their soul, is stuck in a cage of their own hostile creation.  It’s been years since I’ve run into someone of this type and it took every ounce of control I had not to ‘react’ and go off.  Unfortunately, I didn’t hold out as well as I’d wanted but I didn’t act the way I would have a decade ago.  There is something to be said for ‘trying’ to do God’s will. ;)

When I left the presence of this individual, and took a few hours to calm down (yes hours… talk about sand paper people!!!!), I had to think about what ruffled my feathers the most.  Was it I wasn’t getting my way or that this person was adamant to make things go their way regardless of legality, fairness, or simple human kindness and logic. In all honestly it was both.  I realize I have to make some changes in a particular area of a project I’m doing to conform to this person’s ‘requests’ but not all ‘demands’ are per contract.  So…

I know God will work it all out.  😉  And to make that known I could almost hear God laughing this morning when I rushed into HEB at 6am to get a few things, one being Mootopia Chocolate Milk.  I reached for the cartoon and it slipped from my hands, splashing chocolate milk all over the newly cleaned floor and chocolate milk all up my legs.  That saying immediately entered my mind, “Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk”…  I smiled and found the nearest employee to profusely apologize for the mess I’d made.  The man I found was a delight and when he saw it he said, “Ah, that’s not a problem.  It’ll take two seconds to clean up.”

don't worry about anything

So I get it.  God is saying, “No worries.  I’ll handle the situation, remember who is the REALLY in charge of this project anyway – ME.”

I hear you, Lord. ;)

Whatever messes pop up unexpectedly, remember who is in charge and don’t cry over something that is easily remedied.