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I thought I’d take the easy route today and now that I know how to incorporate a video in the blogs I’ll re-highlight my personal “I Have a Voice” Video.  This was filmed last April just a few short weeks after attending the funeral of my grandfather (who was also my first perpetrator when I was a child).  It is raw but I believe it speaks volumes to many (if I must say so myself ;) ) because it also touches on that really tough aspect in life – forgiveness.    It would be my honor for you to watch.

Also, this week my column in CHOOSE-NOW MINISTRIES ‘Shannon Deitz On Hope’ features a conversation I had with Seth a few weeks back regarding ‘Family Secrets’…it brought up that all too uncomfortable topic of when do you reveal to your children certain skeletons in the closet?  What questions should you ask yourself before telling your child something that might shake up their comfortable world?

Family Secrets

I pray you all have a blessed weekend.  I am speaking at a teen Confirmation Retreat tomorrow in Dickenson, TX and then have ACTS registration all day Sunday with a speaking event to the teens at Prince of Peace.  Busy busy!  But BLESSED!!!