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Today I feel abundantly blessed!  I received the edits from a video promotion of the charm I did last March (not looking at my best being I’d just filmed a very emotional ‘I Have a Voice’ segment…but it’ll do till I can film another) ,  I was highlighted in Bethany Jett’s blog and I gave a reflection at our Cornerstone Bible Study today.  So I thought I’d share all of these with you.

Please note before watching the Cornerstone reflection…I am forced to ‘read’ it because I have to type it out for the Spanish group to translate.  I am not one that likes to go off of a written talk…I like to go with what’s inspired and given to me at the time when speaking so you can see I get a bit jumbled when I go from ‘free flow’ to the paper. ;)

And finally the link to the post for Bethany Jett’s blog:  How God Used Rape

It might be a bit of ‘Shannon overload’….my apologies!!!  But I’d love to hear what you think about all or any of it!