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This post was originally written in 09 …as I looked back at my original posts to see what I could resurrect as an ‘oldie but goodie’ this caught my attention because in this moment fear is getting me.  I’m not ashamed to admit that this is true.  However, it is not the type of fear I would’ve allowed to strangle me back in the day when I didn’t know how to run into the loving arms of God.  No, this fear is more of the enemy taking advantage of my humanness…he knows I know what it feels to have loved and lost and I fear the day I ever have to feel that again.

However, it is comforting to read my words, written almost five years ago, reminding me to ‘bend my knee’ to God and take that fear into His loving arms.


I pray this day finds everyone happy, healthy and secure. Recently, I’ve noticed how many conversations I’ve been having with others and in dealing with issues for myself that deal with fear. Fear reaches all of us on so many levels and in different realms of circumstances which makes it very hard to conquer. Often times we don’t even realize what is keeping us from our purpose in life is an inner fear – fear of what is it come, fear of failure, fear of disapproval, fear of the lack of ability or qualifications, and fear of others, etc.

2 Timothy

Fear is often depicted in movies as an emotion that leaves you paralyzed and frightened and these reactions surround ALL of these fears we harbor. It is obvious that fear is where Satan has the most control because it is the opposite of love. The Gospel this Sunday proclaimed God’s greatest commandment:

“Beloved, if God so loved us [to give us His only Son so that we might have life through Him], we also must love one another.” 1 John 4:11

Fear causes us to doubt God’s love for us, and yet the most powerful gift God has given is His love.

The remedy for fear is love. If you find yourself paralyzed in a situation, unable to move forward or even recognize what your next step is, bend your knee to the earth and ask God to help you receive His love. God wants to love on you, wrap His arms around you and hold you tight. He wants you to feel secure in His plan. God never leaves us. We are the ones that distance ourselves from Him. He gave us that gift and He doesn’t want to make us love Him…He wants us to love Him because we want to, not because we have to.

One of my favorite Christian songs is by Jars of Clay “Love Song for a Savior.” I’ll end this segment with a verse and the chorus:

He’s more than the laughter or the stars in the heavens as close a heartbeat or a song on our lips someday we’ll trust Him and learn how to see Him someday He’ll call us and we will come running and fall in his arms and the tears will fall down and we’ll pray,

I want to fall in love with you


My fear is but an irritable itch easily remedied by the salve of God’s love.