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Women of strength. My phrase for today.

I had the honor of sitting before one suffering through a delicate loss, one that I’d experienced myself – miscarriage.

Defeated is what she felt but who I saw and heard was a woman who’s heart longed to live. She talked. I listened. We cried.

Later in the day I had another honor of standing before a room filled with survivors. These women, and their children, are overcoming addiction. They invited me to come speak to them about my own story and give them courage to continue in their recovery.

Standing before them I could see myself staring back at me through many eyes. Even though I curtailed the bite of addiction I walked the line early on in my journey.

There is no greater honor than to tell my story, see the nods, hear the ‘amen’s and ‘you got that right’ and see a spark ignite. Afterward I gave away books to each one of them and they lined up to get them signed. “You are inspiring,” one woman said. (Praise God!) “It’s amazing what you’ve been through and how strong you are today,” another said.

“ONLY by the grace of God,” I said.


When I left many were standing outside the housing facility to wait for older kids to get home from school and it struck me just how much courage and strength it takes to first, admit you have a problem, and second, humble yourself enough to receive help.

I look forward to going back to the facility and helping in other ways and continued to be encouraged and strengthened by the faces of God. ;)

If you know someone suffering a loss or struggling with an addiction do not put them aside assuming they are weak. In truth they are in the greatest fight of their life and need your encouragement to recognize their strength in order to fight back.