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Tonight I had the honor of helping a woman out who has lived through more than one life can manage…yet her reaction to every level of suffering and hardship is, “You just have to have faith.  That’s all there is to it.”


Let me give you a quick run down of what this sweet soul has experienced:

Diagnosed with heart problems as a young child (she’s in her late 40′s / early 50′s now).

Heart surgery as a little girl, multiple times.

Told she could never have children… got pregnant!  Then told to abort the baby.  She refused because she knew this baby was her miracle.  She and the baby survived, now her daughter is 17 years old and soon headed for college and eventually med-school to be a pediatric Cardio physician.

Then more heart complications… eventually a HEART TRANSPLANT!

Now, in October, she was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer.  Had two large masses removed from one breast but can’t receive chemotherapy because of her heart transplant.

Is having kidney problem as well.

And two days ago her and her daughter were hit by a teenager that totalled their car and only by sheer miracle didn’t kill her daughter (where the main impact was) or her (she was found covering her fragile chest with her arm).

This woman is going to be on my ACTS Retreat team.  She doesn’t mind me sharing because she tells everyone her story in order to prove the Grace of God.  She gets called to MD Anderson to speak with patients on every floor in order to give them hope.

Spending one hour with her today left me in awe.  May I have even half of the resilient spirit she possesses.

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Even as we stood at the pharmacist waiting on her multitude of medications and trying to figure out insurance issues with one drug that she needs for her heart transplant, she was calm, positive and patient.  I believe it was because of her calm and collective demeanor the pharmacist worked harder to get it done then.  He made calls and 15 minutes later he got it approved.

“There are moments I cry uncontrollably in the shower,” she said, “or I get so angry I want to throw everything I find.  But then I think about the fact that I’m still alive.  For whatever reason I’m still here.  I’ve been blessed to watch my little girl grow up.  I can’t complain.”

Most would read this post and think “I could never go through what she’s been through,” but the beauty is we’ve all been created by the same God with the same spirit.  The same resilient spirit.

Keep this story in mind next time you face a hardship.