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Do less but better.

That’s my motto for 2014.  That means I’ll have to practice saying ‘NO’.  For many that might not be so hard.  For me it is because I don’t even realize when I’m saying ‘yes’ at times.  Sometimes I just ‘do’.

When I was in adoration (my prayer hour) Friday morning I went to God and found myself praying the same thing that I pray every single time I go before the Lord.   In mid-sentence I stopped myself and thought, “No.  I won’t do that to You or to me.  I want to only pray what comes from within and if that means being silent here before You then so be it.”

So I sat down and before I knew it my mind began to go to the things that I wanted to pray.  With my pen I wrote out my prayers in my journal.

Later that afternoon in spiritual direction I talked to Fr. Alfonso about this, how I was frustrated with myself for saying the same prayers over and over because it was what helped me in the beginning of my ‘walk’ with Christ.  In the beginning I was in a desperation mode, desperate to know Him, desperate to feel His love for me.  I saw God in big and obvious ways and kept wanting more.  But now, I don’t feel that desperation.  I know Him and I know His love.  I know He knows me and he ‘shows up’ daily.

Not complicated

“Ah,” Fr. Alfonso said, “Now that you’ve come out of the dark and can acknowledge your past you feel whole.  You are now able to say ‘that happened to me’ and move on.  You are now at a place where you can see yourself the way God sees you.  Now it is simple.  God is asking you to see Him in all things and to recognize you are just as beautiful to him as a flower growing from the ground.” He went on to encourage me to keep it simple with God too.   Not to overdo prayer feeling as if He is one to answer only when I’ve done X Y or Z.

I did not tell Fr. Alfonso that my motto for 2014 was ‘Do less but better’.  Keeping it simple seems now be a directive from God. ;)

Seeking God in the ordinary daily seems like a great way to keep me grounded and ‘simple’.  This will be my plan for 2014, to share with you God showing up in the ordinary…to me at least.

Here is my latest CHOOSE-NOW article “Hardships & Blessings“  where I go into more detail about what I’ve learned from this past year.