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This might sound odd but I enjoy eating humble pie. ;) When God keeps me humble He is keeping my feet on the ground and my eyes on Him. And it always seems like I’m served a slice right after I achieve something I’ve been working toward.

St. Augustine quote on humility

It began with serving the Body of Christ as a Eucharistic Minister at the children’s Mass. My line was done so I was directed to go and stand by another EM. I thought I’d figured out the flow of where her line would receive, step aside, and return to their seats. But either I was wrong or the kids got flustered because I broke the flow,  they started running into each other and it became chaotic. My cheeks blazed with embarrassment because I’d messed up a perfectly good flow and then one of the girls, confused and caught off guard, dropped the Eucharist on the ground. Quickly I bent down picked it up and ate it! I probably should have kept it in my hand and kept serving the line, eating it with discretion when I was done, but all I kept thinking was we dropped the Body of Christ!

Later I apologized to the woman whom I’d come to ‘help’ and she giggled, saying, “Oh God always needs a laugh.” :D Yes, apparently.

another st augustine quote

All day I noticed the various ways in which I felt inadequate, inferior or intimidated.  I remained in a consistent state of frustration until I showed Seth a segment from the Today Show I’d seen Monday on Veterans Day. I’d forgotten I taped it because I wanted to show my son the amazing spirit of this young man who’d lost so much having fought for our country. I listened again to his story of his convoy blown up, the facial restructuring he had to endure and then the clips of him speaking to hundreds making the most of his inadequacies by pointing out the obvious.

Like comedians do best, he made light of the obvious inadequacies and even the unseen insecurities, putting them out there so he could display them with a light heart before receiving anyone’s harsh judgement. Then bam! There was no more left to hide and his SPIRIT was left to shine capturing the audience with his brilliance.

My heart soared as I got a different message from the second viewing of this young man’s story. Yes, he is brave, yes, I am proud of him and all of our soldiers but what he was ‘telling’ me by watching his story is, “Your inadequacies and insecurities make you human. Acknowledge them with a light heart knowing everyone around you has their own. Then let your spirit shine.”

I can laugh at myself as I enjoy eating my humble pie because I know it nourished in the Lord for it is Christ that gives me the strength.

Blessings Shannon