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Truthfully I wanted to title this ‘Christmas up in flames!’ or something as equally dramatic. However, being that I know others that lost so much more than me today I can’t bring myself to succumb to the rant I feel like giving in this moment.

What happened?


A 19 year old young man decided it would be ‘gratifying’ (yes…his actual words) to hop over the fence of the Metro Storage facility and pour gasoline all over the RV/Boat storage area and a block of storage units.  Block D.  He set it on fire and then stuck around to watch it go up in flames.  People lost their RV’s, old antique vehicles, trucks, boats, etc and then most of the units in Block D were destroyed by the fire.  If they weren’t destroyed by the fire then they were certainly destroyed by water damage because they had to pull off the roof in order to reach the fires that were being contained within the cinder block units.  My unit, D229 was burnt (or as the man so blatantly said, “Gone.  Nothing left.”)

I have a friend that has a unit in the same building that was in the earlier numbers so further away from the fire but yet we still fear water damage for them.  They had her husband’s baby pictures, pictures of her wedding, antiques, etc.  Please pray for them that they can salvage something.

What did we have in their? Christmas.  Literally our 17 years of collecting Christmas.  We kept everything in this storage unit because when we moved into our house and went to get it in the attic Neal fell and by the grace of God caught himself but we both immediately recognized this was one area we can’t be in self-denial.  So we got the storage unit to make Christmas easy and safe.

Christmas '99 at least we have some memories in print.

Christmas ’99 at least we have some memories in print.

Needle-point stockings my mom did for each one of us that we’ve used for 17 years.  The kids little keep sake ornaments that they made in MDO, pre-K, Kindergarten.  The hand print christmas tree ornaments, and angels.

Here you can kind of glimpse some of the homemade stuff.  So it's a positive to at least see it.

Here you can kind of glimpse some of the homemade stuff. So it’s a positive to at least see it.

The Llardro and Lennox ornaments my mother in law bought for them with the year on them that were specifically for each boy to collect and then to be gifted to them for their own Christmas tradition.  Lights, the TREE, everything.

(Last one I promise...) but here I can see the stockings...and the Believe sign I adored! kind of... But what matters are those two crazy kids :)  Love them.

(Last one I promise…) but here I can see the stockings…and kind of see the Believe sign I adored!… But what matters are those two crazy kids :) Love them.

I cry one second.  Get angry the next.  Then go numb.  I want to sit with that young man and figure out what is behind that kind of senseless mind.  It’s just stuff.  Me, Neal and the boys are alive, healthy and safe.  That’s all that really matters.  I have friends that have lost their entire home to a fire.  My heart aches for them.  I have friends suffering unheard of tragedies right now and they need our prayers.

So I will only take this one moment to complain.  To look at the pictures, see glimpses of little things that bring memories and know that I have with me what really matters.

As if to show me what matters God allowed me the gift to work with more than one survivor today.  With every call, every conversation, bringing them back to what matters, I was reminded of the many blessings in life.

Thank you to everyone who has already been so kind on Facebook with their prayers and comments.  I’m so grateful to have such a great community of family and friends.