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What can I say? I have not been able to go see the remains of the storage unit…I anticipate seeing what is left of our unit. Thankfully, the insurance guy didn’t call me back until after lunch because had I dealt with him first thing in the morning the entire day would have been blown.

I think about those that lost all of the belongings to their home and I cringe. Or knowing what my friend, who lost her entire home to a fire, went through in order to get the basic necessities from an insurance claim.

When he told me, “We’ll need receipts for what you had in the unit.” I laughed out loud.

“Seriously? You think I have receipts for 17 years of accumulated Christmas items?” If you have receipts for all of your Christmas stuff, please, I would love to hear from you. I want to know why.

Granted I’m learning my lesson…take pictures when you have your stuff up!! Take pictures of your house now…before decorations (to document what you have normally) and take pictures of what you have when it’s decorated. NOT KIDDING. Because that’s my only other option to ‘prove’ what I have is by scrounging around for pictures of items in my house or going on line and finding prices for what is similar to what I had.


It’s all good. Right? Yes, it is. Oh wait, I’m answering myself…isn’t that a sign of craziness? ;)

I know one things for sure, I don’t want ‘stuff’ just to have ‘stuff’. Who cares about how much ‘stuff’ I have to make the house look pretty! But apparently I have only so much time once we get everything ‘okay’d’ to buy first then show the receipt and pray for reimbursement. Nice…

God always brings it back to perspective for me. This morning I spent the majority of the time working with a vulnerable soul who had fallen back into addiction, hit her bottom and is now desperate to get help. On one hand I listened to her deciphering a crazy tale, that led to recognition of her problem, which led to a break in the darkness allowing humility to shine through and a fear of what little future was left as is. On the other hand I listened to her mother tale a tired, worn out tale, reluctant to let go of her little girl and at the same time undone by the sticky web of addiction. Only one option was left and thankfully it was chosen.

Please pray for this young woman as she goes into rehab that she’ll embrace Christ’s strength and expose the darkness and empty arguments to the light.

In the end it’s all good.


Blessings Shannon