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Personal note to my WordPress peeps…you might notice a discrepancy in my numbering of my days and that is because I blog daily at my website Just Show Up blog account as a part of a year project I’ve committed to.  I tend to assume you guys might not really care to hear from me daily so I pick and choose what I put on this blog site.  I could be wrong. 🙂

I’ve recently been awarded a grant to update my website for the ministry so I might get it back to where I blog from one site.  I was realizing my website doesn’t allow me the features this blog does but yet they are both WordPress??  I’m not the most computer literate….  will hopefully get all of that worked out.

At any rate here is the lastest blog:


God is really putting me to a test.  My problem is I’m not sure which way I’m supposed to go.  It’s not that black and white and it’s not that simple.

I’ve accepted a challenge.  I discerned before accepting and giving my ‘yes’ and now I have to make some decisions that can affect how the entire process will go.  No matter what my decision the outcome will still be Holy Spirit driven and will turn out blessed.  I’m sure of it.  So no pressure, right?

I wish.  The outcome of the challenge I’ve accepted will be fine but it seems every time I’m discerning a direction to go with a choice that needs to be made it falls short.  I pray, discern, and decide but that doesn’t mean the choice I made follows through.  It’s led me to second guess my own discernment!  Naively I think, “If God led me to this then it should all fall easily into place.”  It would be so simple to give my ‘yes’ and have the challenge not be a challenge at all but a simple task done and completed.

Hence the word ‘challenge’.   It is an honor to be called to do this and at the same time it came on the very day I received two other amazing blessings that will also serve to be ‘challenges’.  Unfortunately I have to wait till each one is ‘official’ or ‘announced’ before I can share the GOOD NEWS with all of you.

These blessings are ‘challenges’ because they take time, a great amount of effort, skill, organization and planning.  However, they all fall in line with benefitting the goal of my personal and professional ministry.  With my families’ collaborative ‘yes’ to endure a few new time obstacles I am looking forward to what God has planned with each challenge gifted.

trust your choices

Back to the ‘test’ at hand… there is no right or wrong answer yet I need to make a move to get the ball rolling!  This is my quandary today.  I wish God would speak clearly and say ‘Do this’.

Have you ever felt that way?  Wishing God would make a choice easier by telling you exactly what to do?  I realize God is wanting me to use the wisdom and gifts He has instilled in me to date.  So not only is it a matter of trusting God but a lesson in trusting myself.

Will I make the right choice?  I think so…thankfully I can’t go wrong when every way to turn is right! ;)

Tomorrow morning I go in to get the injection of anti-inflammatory into my disc.  I am going under for it so I’m not sure how I’ll be when I get home.  Pray for me!