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10th day into a 21 day raw foods cleanse, 5 lbs lighter, and

HUNGRY!!!!! :(

Now the first week wasn’t so bad. During that week I got to cut out a lot of the ‘bad’ foods I’d been eating but I didn’t have to go completely raw. I cut out the sweets, breads, and I’d say I passed up the alcohol too but I had three two glasses of red wine over the weekend. Not that it was hard to limit to four three glasses over an entire weekend but when you can’t have something for some reason it makes you want it more. But I divided the six five glasses of wine over three days and was good to go.

;) I’m kidding around. This is what being starved does to me! In all sincerity I was designated driver this weekend and had a glass on another occasion. Yes a glass.

None of that really matters, the point is I started the ‘actual’ cleanse on Monday and now it’s Wednesday and I am hungry. My reasoning for doing this cleanse is because I’d gotten extremely lax on caring about what I was ingesting and trying to digest. ;) It isn’t just being unhappy with how I looked with 10 extra pounds than what I’m used to, it was how I felt.


I needed to push a restart button and try again. I’d heard about this cleanse from a good friend of mine and thought “I like vegetables, fruit, and nuts. I’ll give it a try.” I underestimated my carnivorous nature. I NEED MEAT!!!

After dropping Seth off at baseball practice I ran through my options, salad, salad, or salad? My stomach churned, growled and quivered. I couldn’t take it so I did the next best thing – MY FIT FOODS.


I scarfed down my Ninja Tenderloin and spinach like it was a double decker Whopper. I’m satisfied…I cheated by having meat but I didn’t want to mess everything up by picking something unhealthy.

Win win in my book. I stayed true to my goal in health and didn’t give in to what was easy that I knew would fill me up momentarily and then make me pay later.

It’s funny because I feel ‘cleansed’ in many different ways these past few weeks. As I’m flushing out the energy zapping toxins from my body I’ve been taking inventory of my emotions in various circumstances and situations going on in my life right now and have recognized where anger, jealousy and resentment are no longer needed.

Prayerfully I’ve learned to examine these emotions and consider these questions, “Is this good for me?” and “What benefit do I receive from holding onto this?”

If the answers were ‘No’ and ‘No positive benefit could be received.’ then it needed to be discarded.

Now I feel not only lighter and healthier physically but emotionally as well. In many ways I feel like I was given a specific test …and I’ve possibly passed. ;)

Do you feel emotionally heavy and sluggish? Take inventory of what’s going on in your life and the emotions that are attached. Is there anything that might need to be discarded?

Blessings Shannon