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“Mom?” Seth called me on my cell last night at 9:45pm. “I can’t go to sleep. Will you pray with me?”

We pray together every night but usually it’s me insisting and I’m trying to grab kids before they are doing homework or whatever it is they feel they need to do in order to settle in for the night.

I knew this moment was one that could only be had with the distance because in his new ‘man’ voice was the little boy that would crawl up on my lap and snuggle against my chest. “Absolutely,” I said and we prayed together as if I was sitting right next to him.

This evening when I arrived home the first words out of his mouth were, “What did you get?”

“What? No hug?” I asked, dejected.

He smiled and came over to give me a hug and then repeated, “So what did you get?”

It’s nice to be missed, right? ;)

Dogs are always the best about showing their true emotions. Bailey, my 10-year-old lab came over immediately and nudged me with her nose and then licked my hand, her tail wagging. When I had a moment to sit down she came right over to me and jumped up on my chest licking my face.

Too bad it wasn’t just for me, apparently I’m the only one who thinks about dog bones. I made a move to get up and she gave me three circles of bountiful excitement. That deserves a doggy treat even though my homecoming wasn’t even worth one full circle. LOL


I’ve been on trips much longer than one night but for some reason I think the fact that I wasn’t so far away caused them to feel out of sorts. It wasn’t so much that I was missed but more that my absence caused a hiccup in their routine. If I had been gone one night more a temporary routine would have been set and possibly seeing me would have been more endearing. ;) Maybe…

We all want to feel like we are worth being missed. That the lack of our presence could be felt because we want to know we’ve made an impact in some way in someone else’s life.

I remember my dad coming home from a business trip and one of the first things he’d ask was, “Did you miss me?”

I used to giggle and respond, “Of course I missed you.” I remembered thinking, What a silly question.

Regardless if you are a CEO of a major Fortune 500, some prominent figure, a college student or a domestic engineer (don’t think too hard on that one) we all want to know we are missed. And let me tell you…YOU ARE. You matter and you impact someone you meet or see regularly on a daily basis. They might not say it or acknowledge it but it’s true. ;)

Now rest in knowing your presence is essential for tomorrow.

Blessings Shannon

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