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If I hold true to who I am and how I do things then I’ll need to be honest today. It’s been 244 days into this project of connecting daily how God has ‘shown up’ in my life, or possibly how I might have had the blessing to ‘show up’ for him…and I realize if I wasn’t making the daily effort to ‘seek’ and ‘find’ him I might have fallen back into an abyss of darkness.

This morning in prayer I felt the strong desire to simply be honest with myself and God. “Lord, I’ve been thrown off my axis this year,” I wrote in my journal, “partly shoved and then many times I’ve voluntarily let go. If I am to be honest with where I am at this moment I am playing a good game of being the person you want me to be but knowing something isn’t ‘right’. I need to be readjusted and set straight.”

It’s been one trying year – a year of tough revelations, character building and blessings I celebrate but still struggle to accept my worth to receive. This year isn’t a ‘fall back’, in fact, I realize that once I am able to look back I’ll recognize how the struggle harbored growth and possibly advanced me a wrung or two up the ladder of the only success I desire – fulfilling God’s will.

No one is immune to rough days, troubled months and spiritual attacks. The key is to ‘lean into’ God, let Him shoulder the burden and make your paths straight.

leaning on God

“Lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”Proverbs 3:5-6

I’m leaning in!



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