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It’s not that yesterday was such a bust that I couldn’t bring myself to blog … the truth of the matter is I focused on finishing Ch. 2 of the new writing project and once I completed the last word of the last sentence of Ch. 2 I had to head out the door and never made it back home till around 11pm!

God was in the love of family and friends last night and it was a joy to catch up with those I haven’t seen in months, then having my in-laws arrive unexpectedly with dear family friends and then carting my youngest and his friends back from a birthday party with a side trip to Baskin Robbins…(with 3 12-year-old boys…imagine…I failed to take advantage of the photo ops). ;)

Today was a blessing I nearly passed up!  I had been nominated as one of Houston’s ‘Favorite’ Authors (this is separate from being recognized as CBS Houston’s Top 5 Best Local Author’s…which I’m not sure I ever blogged about…it was a shock and a gracious surprise.)  The Author’s Networking Summit actually is the program that heads up the ‘AFA’ nominations and as a part of a being nominated they bring us together for a photo shoot and networking event.  Because I am not able to make it to the actual AFA Awards Luncheon I wasn’t sure I should still be included in the book but they insisted so I decided to get dressed up and make the trek downtown this afternoon.

Houston Favorite Author Photo Shoot and Networking

Houston Favorite Author Photo Shoot and Networking

God is intentional, right? ;)   How often do I say this?  There were many reasons I could have missed today but I do believe I was intended to not only network and meet everyone in this very diverse, intellectual and gifted group  of authors and speakers but to meet one woman specifically:  Trinelle McHughes-Thomas

Me and Trinelle Thomas

Me and Trinelle Thomas

She is a marketing specialist for the City of Houston, the office of the Mayor of Houston and Houston Television.  Most importantly (to me) she is a survivor (domestic abuse) and author, sharing her story on the page with “A Serpent’s Whispers“.


When we each were given the opportunity to go around the room and share who we were, our projects and what we do I heard her story and knew we needed to connect.  Once I spoke I could see the connection was made.  It was then our turn to go and get our photo’s taken for the program and we swapped books.  I look forward to reading her story (and will share a more detailed review once I get the chance) and networking with her more in the future.

I am blessed to have ignored my inclination to stay home on this rainy Saturday afternoon and be blessed to have met so many inspirational people.  Plus, it was an added honor to find out that the National Goodwill Industries ‘Women of Worth’ program (the one I spoke to back in March) is who offered the nomination.

Plus when we come together for the greater good God can do great things.

Romans8 28

I am honored to let you all know about the reading program the Author’s Networking Summit supports:

This year the 2013 Authors Networking Summit is partnering with Keep Kids in School Inc. and its founder Leola Anifowoshe to raise funds for its Books R My Friend initiative. Their mission is to make reading fun and exciting! They provide a platform for children between the ages of 6 to 13 to gather together in book clubs and have fun while at the same time enjoying their reading time.

Reading is still fundamental, and at the summit we will be conducting a children’s book drive to support this initiative. If someone has a paid registration for the Summit and brings a children’s book the day of the summit, I will give them a crisp $20 bill for participating in the book drive. Also we are running an Indiegogo Campaign to raise money for scholarships for the high school youth and college students attending the Summit. Please share this link with your friends: http://igg.me/at/TAPY/x/320248

If you are interesting in attending the Author’s Summit visit:   www.authorsnetworkingsummit.com

Sometimes we just need to get up off the couch and get moving … an opportunity to ‘work for the greater good’ might pass you by!