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I love God’s timing too…last night I was called in last minute to do a favor for a friend. To speak to her National Charity League on ‘self-esteem’. The room was packed with girls from age 12-18 and their mothers. I only had 10 minutes to get across something that they would, by the Grace of God, carry with them forever.

Although I couldn’t possibly do ‘last minute’ all the time, I absolutely LOVE doing last minute because I don’t have time to ‘get in the way’ of what GOD wants said! I don’t have the moment to pre-plan, over think, and get nervous. I was asked four days prior but I hadn’t had a moment to really ‘think’ about what should be broken down in 10 minutes until I was on the drive to downtown Houston to pick up Ryan. My mind was reeling with the possibilities and by the time I walked on stage I knew the Holy Spirit was in charge. It was AWESOME…or so I thought. If ONE PERSON was reached then I’m happy.

What was even more ‘coincidental’ is I had written an article on ‘Mending Self-Esteem’ for my Choose-Now featured column this month. It was released TODAY and I did the self-esteem talk last night!

I’d really like to get all of you directed to this great website for both TEENS and PARENTS. Do me a favor, support ME and CHOOSE-NOW MINISTRIES by going reading my article for the month:

One Comment is All it Takes: (Mending Self-Esteem)
Shannon Deitz

One aspect I loved about last night was I had Mothers and Daughters in the same room…and I took the chance to jump on this rare opportunity to show the girls that their moms DO understand what they are feeling inside. WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE. I asked every mother to raise their hand if they ever had suffered low self-esteem issues growing up. It looked as if EVERY MOTHER raised their hand. And many of us (ME!!!) still suffer with various aspects of insecurity. The perfect person for a young woman to talk to is her mother! (This is a point I failed to make in the article and I wish I had thought about it a few weeks ago when it was written!)

Are you a seasoned parent of teenagers? Have you dealt with low self-esteem in your family or even in your own past? Do you have tips to share? It takes a village! Comment and let me hear from you!