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My dream is that we’ll quit talking and start doing. To do away with the sense of entitlement and figure out what we each can do individually that will collectively bring about equality.

It’s as if so many words are being said but there is no movement. With every word spoken an action should follow behind to back it up. If we have a desire to seek equality then we should think about how we feel about it and what gifts or talents we’ve been given that can contribute to making that ‘dream’ a reality.

For every person that desires to see such peace in this world, or more simply, in our own town, state or country, then say to yourself, “What I can do is offer compassion to every person I come across,” then that is one action closer to living out the dream.

I’m living out my dream of helping each and every one of us to find our voice. I do it by listening to one person at a time.

What is your dream? And what can you do to see it come to fruition?

Here is a great song to back up this thought for the day. 😉  We All Bleed Red by Ronnie Dunn