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Half the day has passed with enough work that I no longer feel guilty for my ‘lazy day’ yesterday. I took phone calls and heard about the various ways evil creeps into our lives. As I work with survivors and hear about the ways in which others have hurt and are hurting them I see the common factor.

Our battle is not with God’s beloved…it’s with the enemy that deceives, conives and perpetuates the evil warping the free will.

I spoke to a young woman today who had been through a similar situation as myself and found herself in an abusive relationship. Through the help of counseling she began to recognize her worth and got out of the abusive relationship. For another year or two she continued to get help, went deeper into her faith and accepted the grace of redemption.

Now she is in a relationship that is blessed on so many levels. They share in their faith and pray daily together. In almost every aspect he respects and upholds her the way she should be upheld. Almost. He suffers from a porn addiction.

This young woman is now toe to toe with the enemy and she isn’t backing down. She realizes she deserves to enter into a marriage with a man who will not be looking at or thinking of another woman or sexual images, especially in the sanctity of their bedroom. Together they are fighting this battle and she is adamant about winning before vows are spoken.

Overcoming any addiction is tough but what makes overcoming a porn addiction even more arduous is because this particular temptation is everywhere. An alcoholic would avoid walking into bars, stores that sell alcohol and any situations that could lead to offering a drink. A porn addict has the pictures seared in their memory and the temptation is all around, on daily television shows, commercials, all media outlets, highway billboards, etc.

My prayers are with this survivor and her boyfriend as they go through this delicate process of getting the proper help he needs to overcome this addiction. I’m grateful she understands that it’s not something to overlook within the relationship, especially when a possible marriage is in the horizon.

I think about her and the other calls I took today and the many ways the enemy is trying so hard to keep them in the dark with empty arguments. And I think about myself and the internal struggles I endure now recognizing in many ways the enemy sneaking in to trip me up.

So today I feel a special call to say the prayer to St. Michael the Arch Angel. To offer this prayer to all of you as well as we stand toe to toe with the enemy and courageously proclaim, “I’m saved by the blood of Christ get behind me satan.”