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The day began on the wrong foot.  I sent Ryan off on the Houston Metro Bus alone at 6am this morning.  “Push the red button for the first stop!” I reminded him a dozen times.  That was our main lesson from our earlier trek together downtown.  We failed to push the button and missed our stop by seven blocks.

6:40am I receive a text from Ryan, “I missed my stop!”  (He didn’t push the red button!!)  :(

So by text I am trying to figure out where he is DOWNTOWN and where he needs to go, in which direction, to get him on track for the next bus.  He sees a bus stop that shows his Tanglewood 6 Bus. He sees the bus.  It passes him. :(   So I direct him again (via text, mind you) and get him to the bus stop he originally needed to be at in the first place.  He is two steps away and he sees the bus pull away.

He missed it.  :(

Okay, trying to be positive for him I tell him to look at the trustee Metro T.R.I.P app we downloaded the night before.  It showed another bus coming in 6 minutes.  He waits…. he sees it….it passes him up.  What???

Now I’m livid at this system.  What is up with that???  The poor kid is fuming.  Now he’ll be late to school.  While I’m trying to calm him down via text, the house phone rings.  It’s a stranger that sat near my son on the original bus, he left his tablet on the seat.  She works downtown and wanted to know she had it.  Ryan obviously was not yet aware he’d left the most important ‘book’ he needed for school (being that they use the tablet in EVERY class).  I thanked her profusely, got her information and made a plan to meet her downtown within the hour to retrieve it (and possibly him too).

I grabbed my keys, got in the car and remembered we had a parent that works at St. Thomas High School.  I called her (praying internally she’d save the day) and praise be to God she answered.  I told her the situation of both child and tablet and she didn’t hesitate to help.  Allison got in her car and within ten minutes retrieved my disheveled sweaty (he tried to run after the bus) son and then met Carol, the angel from heaven, near her work for the tablet.  Once Ryan realized what he’d done he didnt’ have time to freak out because it was in his hands within minutes.  Granted he was late to school and I’m sure he received a tardy but the next thing he text me was, “I want to try again.  I know this works and I need to get it right.”

God bless him.  ;)

learning from mistakes

Unfortunately this morning’s drama seemed to set the tone for the day with various ‘fires’ that needed to be put out.  My shoulders are currently touching my ears but I think about Ryan and what he went through this morning, how his response was to immediately want to try again and I am inspired to hang in there.  One way or another I’ll get it right.

Have you ever had one of those days where one slip up seems to make the day crumble before you?  Hang in there, pick up the pieces best you can and remember there is always tomorrow.   As one friend said to me, “Resilience is one of the best keys for success.”

Indeed it is. ;)