I won’t lie, this post is minimal because I spent the day relaxing with my family at our friends lake house.


The morning was amazing with unheard of temperatures for a mid-August Texas day and breeze to make the chill factor even more surprising. I sat on a porch swing for over an hour conversing with God and at times thinking about absolutely nothing. DIVINE


Later in the day we went out in their pontoon boat, tubed, and kayaked. The young family we were with we have known for over 10 years, the couple was once on my core team when I was a youth minister. They live in Louisiana now so we don’t get to connect as often as we’d like so moments like this aren’t taken for granted.

The night ended with grilling dinner on an open fire, a little fishing, and thousand mile stares into the dancing flames.

God was in the breeze, in the conversations, in the laughter and smiles, and in the silence that left peace in our hearts. It’ll be hard to go back and re-enter into the thick of life but having this one day to rejuvenate was a gift.