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Committing to a daily blog project is taxing.  There are many days I sit before the computer and stare.  What did I hear or see today, Lord? I’ll ask into void of silence.

Which leads me to dissect my day, piece by piece because I know God shows up (or has requested my presence for him) on a daily basis.  Hence the directive of this project being daily.  It is keeping me in the know with where God is in my life.

Today wasn’t a boring day.  I had a breakfast with the President of St. Thomas, Fr. Storey, this morning and had a pleasant conversation with him before heading home.  I could come up with something in regards to our conversation but even though God was there and in it, that’s not ‘it’.

Later I set out to meet a survivor for lunch who was traveling in from the Conroe area.  She’d reached out to me awhile back and with the craziness of summer we were finally getting the opportunity to connect face to face.  I waited in our agreed upon location.  And waited.  And waited.  Worry set in.  I called and got her voicemail.  I left a text.  I emailed.  An hour later still nothing.  So I ate alone and headed home.  I said a little prayer for her, concerned something tragic had taken place.  Finally, an hour ago she called.  She is fine…had a medical issue that left her incapacitated and unable to call.  My heart goes out to her and she will remain in my prayers.  But this wasn’t it either.  God is watching over her and He had lunch with me today but that’s not ‘it’.

With the remainder of my day I spent some quality time with Seth (who is bored with nothing to do…ha!) and managed to write in my latest project.  God is all over my time with Seth and prayerfully helping me through the project but that’s still not ‘it’.

So what is it?  What is the moment in today that sticks out the most?  A phone call.

A friend of mine left a message this morning asking if I would call her and pray for her.  Never one to miss a chance for communal prayer I called her immediately and found out how I could intercede on her behalf.  When I was done praying she asked if there was anything I needed to cover in prayer.  That was a loaded question which resulted in an exploded answer.  It felt so good to speak it all out and know she would help me give it to God.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. 

Matthew 18:20

Peace filled my spirit when she finished in prayer and I knew it was a direct gift from God.  Later I text her and said, “Thank you for calling me this morning and for praying for me.  I know you said you needed it for you, but I really needed it for me.  In my opinion you did as God asked of you, so I thank you!”

She replied, “I felt I needed to call specifically you, yes.  Glad we can help one another. :)”

God has shown up in your day today.  What was ‘it’ that affected you the most? (Share! I’d love to hear all about ‘it’! 🙂 )