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Alone in my quiet place this morning I offered up the day. “Lord, whatever you ask of me, I will follow.” With a pause I then added my agenda, “If I could just get a little bit of writing done on the new book and maybe get started on the next Choose-Now article I’ll feel accomplished and not like I wasted the day.”

I went on to pray about what was on my heart in regards to my family, friends and any prayers that I’ve been asked to offer up. It was Ryan’s first day of high school, I offered that up for both him and me. And then I thought about the fact that Seth and I would be alone for the day so I added, “Help me to be aware of what Seth needs today.”

What has led me to not have the time to write about this day until the wee hours of the next morning? Apparently God ‘heard’ me and he was also listening to my kids because the day has been all about them. Not one single moment was spent at my computer. And you know what? I feel accomplished.


God ‘heard’ me too and he knew what was not only best for me but how to best answer my prayer.

Offer up your day to The Lord every morning and delight in how he listens.