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Can you picture it? Standing at the edge of this cliff, the distance to the bottom lost in the depth of darkness, the peak of the other cliff could be feet, or possibly yards, away. And you are told to jump.

on edge of cliff

“Trust me,” you hear whispered in the depth of your spirit. “Jump to the other side. That is where your journey continues.”

You look behind you where the land is vast, solid, worn by the path you’ve already created. Despite the times you stumbled on loose rocks or tripped over roots planted firmly in the ground, or even had been picked up by gusts of wind and knocked about, bumped and bruised, you look at that vast land and feel comfort. Even if the path was long and the journey, at times, unbearable, you find yourself considering going back to it because you know what to expect.

Again you look ahead at the cliff in front of you and it seems like such a narrow and unstable place to land. You think, “What if the distance isn’t as small as it appears to be? What if I lose my footing? What if the land crumbles beneath my feet unable to take the weight of what I bring along with me? ”

“Trust me,” you hear again and the hairs on your arms rise in response.

With a little more courage you step close to the edge and try to let your eyes adjust in order to see further across the way. Your heart longs to jump. You know you need to jump and get across to the other side because as comfortable as the worn path behind you is, it isn’t worth going back. Besides, even if you did decide to turn and fall back into the comfortable there is that little part of you that knows eventually you’ll be brought right back to this point again. Faced with the same decision.

Finally you turn back toward the edge and squeeze your eyes shut and whisper, “Help me.”

In that moment you feel a surge of energy rush from the tips of your toes through to the top of your head and you know you need to jump or you are going right over that cliff! So you take the leap and…

taking the leap

…land with grace on the other side. Your heart pounds with adrenaline and excitement of the unknown. With tepid steps you walk forward and with a great sigh of relief you see that you are not alone. There are others waiting for you who’ve made the leap and are anxious for you get started on the unblemished path.

Oh the places you’ll go!


Why did I feel the need to write that? Because I feel like I’ve come to a few different cliffs in my life. With each leap on faith I find a brighter, more productive, more beneficial and glorious unblemished path ahead of me. And then I come to another, yet with each new cliff I get better at judging the distance, feeling more comfortable leaving the past behind me and taking the leap.

In these past few months I feel like I’ve come to the edge of another cliff. This time it didn’t take me as long as the last to make up my mind to jump. This is where I stand. On new ground and how glorious it is! God has been so good to me today, with the outpouring of love from so many of you in regards to the video. Thank you.

Are you ‘standing on the edge’ and contemplate going back to what’s comfortable? My prayer for you is that you’ll speak up and ask for help in order to see the endless possibilities that are in store when you take that leap on faith.