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The revisiting of my journey last week wasn’t to torture through a recap. I wanted to give you an ‘insight’ into my soul emotionally and spiritually during the filming of the I HAVE A VOICE project. I had all intents on focusing mainly on my journey through overcoming what I went through in high school and college but that isn’t where the Holy Spirit led me.

During the 1.5 hours of conversation that was filmed the Infinitude Creative Group cleverly pieced together this 6 minute I Have a Voice video that I believe accurately gives the ‘young Shannon in me’ a voice. Greatest moment of all was having the ‘one person’ (because I always say, “If it can reach out to one person and make a difference then what I went through to do it is worth it.”) already come to me and open up about something that had been kept up in the dark for over 30 years.

Praise God!

As she listened and watched the video (for I had no idea what lie beneath her own darkness) she hemmed, hawed, agreed out loud and then was silent. And then the story came out. “I never felt like anyone would believe me because he was so nice,” she said. ”And what difference does it make now because I’m so old.”

But it does make a difference because she matters.

If you feel so inclined please share the video. Both I Have a Voice videos released are on my YouTube channel and the I Have a Voice Channel.

Two more videos to come (focusing on other issues)…so grateful to God for the opportunity to spread awareness. It is clear God wants us to step out of the shame of darkness of the things that have been done to us and that we’ve fallen into and into the light of His love and grace.

You are not alone on this journey to heal from old wounds. Reach out and contact Hopeful Hearts Ministry, we are here to help guide you in the direction you need to receive support and restoration.